The Group «Alto Aragón» of Jaca has been the first group in investigating and broadcasting the best of Aragon’s folklore, and particularly the songs and dances of our zone in the Pyrenees. We’re working in order to improve our performances, while keeping the tradition alive since 1975.


We have a diversity of dances that allow us to offer an unique spectacle. In Aragon, there are many types of jotas depending on the zone or area. We dance «fast jotas», very spectacular and caracteristic of the South of Aragon, and «slower jotas», very typical in our mountains where the costumes are heavier and more difficult to wear. The coreography is very different in each dance.

Another type of dances are the paloteaos, played with castanets, sticks, and espedos. Each paloteao involves different costumes and also different accesories, (roses in the player’s hands, ribbons, etc.)

But that’s not enough, because we have in our spectacle, another type of dances, called «danzas» and played only with accordion and percussion. The typical hats are different from the dances explained above, and also the clothes and the way of wearing them, the «shoes» that are made from animal skin, etc.

Finally, we have mainly another kind of dance that is called the «Bolero». There are many boleros with their proper caracteristics and costumes depending on the area of Aragon. There are also, «Stile Jotas», that are not danced and only singed by our singers. This is very typical in Aragon, and there are a lot of competitions of singers. There are a lot of ways of singing: only one man, a woman, a couple, a group, religious songs, party songs, etc.


We don’t make copies, because we try to get the same textures used by our ancestors. Our olders have showed us everything about the design, the making and the mainteinance of their dresses. Another important thing is the hairstyle of the girls and the way of wearing our typical hats and hairshawls in certain dances.

We keep a great variety of costumes. The people of the Pyrenees lived isolated in winter and each valley kept their proper costumes. These costumes are very heavy but majestic and are composed of multiple clothes, weared superposed. The costumes are different depending on the day’s moment and the purpose (party, religious, work, etc.). There are a lot of variety of colors. This, makes a better spectacle for the people.

Each costume is more than 1000 $ worth, and our full collection is valued in more than 70.000 $US.

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